As Zika virus deploys in Kerala, TamilNadu and Karnataka step up vigil


The trace of first Corona patient was found in Kerala. And on July 7, 2021, almost 4 years later, the first patient infected with the Zika virus was found in Kerala. Earlier in 2016, Zika was found to be infected in three laboratories in Bapuji Nagar, Gujarat. It is learned that this time the virus has been found in the body of a 24-year-old girl in Kerala. Mother and newborn are healthy, the news from the media coverage. According to the Kerala Health Department, samples of 13 suspected Zika patients were sent to the Pune Institute of Virology. From there, the virus was found in the body of the young woman from Thiruvananthapuram.

According to the health department, the girl was admitted to a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram on June 26 with fever, headache and red spots on her body. That’s when doctors suspected the young woman was probably Zika positive. Her sample was collected and sent to the Pune laboratory. Meanwhile, she gave birth to an infected child on Wednesday.

Preliminary investigations divulged that the mother had no history of foreign travel. Their home is in a village on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. A weekend ago, his mother had the same symptoms. According to the state health department, the officials of the state vector control unit visited the village as soon as the body of the girl was found in the parshala of Thiruvananthapuram. They have had taken necessary measures to stem infection from being augmented. Samples of Aedes mosquitoes were collected from that village and sent to the laboratory. The health department has had given warning to the surrounding districts.

It is known that this Zika virus causes viral infections. Aedes aegypti is a carrier of dengue and chikungunya. The virus can also be transmitted to humans by having un-protected vaginal, anal or oral intercourse. In 1947, the virus was first detected in the body of a monkey in Uganda. Five years later, the human body became infected with the Zika virus. But in 2015, the virus first deployed to the island of Yap in the Pacific Ocean. And in 2015, the Zika virus spread like an epidemic in Brazil. That’s when the study found that children infected with the virus were born with small heads and immature brains.

Nonetheless, there is no news of death in this virus. If only pregnant women are affected, the risk to the mother and child may increase. However, the epidemic in Brazil has caused symptoms in Guillain-Barré. These symptoms can lead to neurological problems and can be fatal.

Monotonous Lifestyles of Confined Students in Home during coV-19


The Corona virus pandemic ravaging the world has certainly put an interlusion on the regular lives of people across the globe. The lockdown has been rather hectic for school-going students. It’s been fourteen months since they visited to school. In a period of just few months, the coV-19 pandemic caused by a novel corona virus has radically transformed the lives of masses of people all over the world, including students. Indeed, as of April 1, 2020, the number of learners required to stay at home due to closure of their educational institution at all grade levels.

Apart from the devastating health consequences for those directly affected by the virus, the coV-19 pandemic holds major implications for the way higher education students live and work, affecting their physical and mental well-being in profound ways. For parents, one of the major concerns during these unprecedented junctures is the amount of time their children are spending in front of the mobile, laptop, tablet, and PC screens. Owing to the pandemic, millions of school kids around the world are not continuing their education online, which has inadvertently resulted in more screen time for the little ones. Adding to the woes, lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures have further taken away the option of outdoor games and activities for children. They palpable tediousness being captivated inside the four walls which is monotonous to them.

Students formerly became emaciated wending to schools and tuitions, but after the beginning of the rudimentary year 2020, every one tranquilled. But as the day passed by, all schools gradually started closing and offline classes desisted. The hustle and bustle after the school ends became reticent now. Every exquisitable moments of school days have unraveled. Reactions to the novel corona virus have caused a great many changes to daily life in recent days. Students in homes have been agonizing from seclusion. They are not getting chance to study with their consortiums and there remains dearth competing with antagonists, and thereby the ideas of creative minds get overturned.

Although online education has built up young minds to develop creativities and conducting online programmes like; online sports, speech, essay writing competitions, celebrations, seminars and some more, but these don’t provide overwhelming gratification to the hearts of students. In recent times, a few months back, a teethager girl posted a written letter to Modi, P.M of India, to palliate the burden of feverished nomenclature of protracted online classes. Not only online classes initiates agony but it genuinely affects the student’s brains and eyes also. The joint effect between lifestyle changes by home incarceration has feasibly aggravated behavioral problems in children.

Terrible than Amphan, the cyclone Yash is adventing to the hearts of Bengal


On the one hand, when the country is considerably nonplussed with covid. On the other hand, the memory of last year’s ‘Amphan‘ has brought back enough embezzlement to Karnataka, Goa and Kerala. However, the cyclone that formed over the Arabian Sea did not affect Bengal and in that the people of Bengal heaved a sigh of relief. But in the meantime, another nightmare snatched the sleep of Bengal.

Although there was not much damage in ‘Tauktae‘, this time the cyclone ‘Yash‘ is slowly advancing towards Bengal. According to the IMD, the rage of this storm is going to be much higher than that of ‘Amphan‘. It has been reported that the storm could hit the Sunderbans coast due to low pressure in the East-Central Bay of Bengal. For the past few days, the heat in the patch has become quite uncomfortable. The next two days will have to endure the alloverishness in the scorching heat, the meteorological department thinks so. Not only that, the maximum temperature can reach up to about 39 degrees. However, some relief from Friday. Moderate rainfall is forecast across South Bengal including Kolkata. On the other hand, the storm in West Bengal may hit on Sunday, i.e. 23 May.

Last year, West Bengal was devastated by the floods. Somehow, death was prevented but the situation escalated. Day after day, power was cut off at a stretch of a week or more in different parts of West Bengal. The city of Kolkata also came to a standstill due to trees falling all around. According to the IMD, ‘Yash’ has more power than ‘Amphan’. So it’s destructive. Effect will going to be deadly. Moderate rainfall is already forecast across various districts of North Bengal from Tuesday. There is a possibility of rain with thunderstorm in different areas of Malda including Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Kalimpong, Alipurduar, Kochbihar.

The Alipore Meteorological Department has already warned various districts in the state. The situation in Covid is much worse this time than last year. Thousand of people are being attacked every day. The death toll is in the hundred. In this situation, if there is a shortage of electricity like last year, the general public will have to suffer a lot of glitches. Because this year many patients have to be given oxygen help. Needless to say, the situation will get worse if the service crashes like last year. Four people have already died in Karnataka due to the violence in ‘Tauktae’. About 63 villages have been ravished. It remains to be seen what effect will have on Bengal in the days to come.

Joining of Stars in Politics from several fields


Charisma or Personality of a leader has been a defining factor in Indian Politics in present era. Today, political parties, whether national or regional, involve celebrities from all walks of life including painters, singers, film actors, theatre personalities, academicians, sporters, and so on.

From Bollywood to cricket heroes, stars can do much more than simply encourage people to vote. There are numerous examples of celebrities using their fame to advance a political agenda. From promoting democracy to advocating for a particular political party, or even running for election, celebrities are a mainstay in Indian elections. Leaders of Indian political parties subsequently give tickets to become active members of Loksabha and Rajyasabha to rule the democratic powers over native Indians. They take part in the decision making process of the Indian governance without having knowledge of letter “P” in “Politics”. What has happened to them is that they have now left the world of film and started joining politics.

For so many years, how many leaders, ministers have come and gone, and now the film stars have come and do our government work. The sole purpose of them is to move from one party to another party indulging in defection to gain political powers and loot the cash rewards. Leaders of different national parties allow celebrities to enter into the world of politics for propaganda of their parties and win seats in Loksabha and Rajyasabha elections.

Left Foot, Ankle Fracture, ‘Chest Pain-Shortness of Breath’, 48-62 hours observation CM


Mamata Banerjee was injured on the day of nomination in Nandigram on Wednesday. She was fallen to the ground in Birulia market area and injured her legs, waist, head and chest. The Chief Minister was taken to the car by picking her up in lap in a green corridor at night. She was admitted to SSKM hospital. Mamata alleged that four-five people deliberately shoved each other by conspiracy due to which the legs were redly swollen.

For the nonse, she is admitted to SSKM hospital. According to doctors, her left ankle and its bone have cracks. The leg muscle was also injured. The left leg of her is swollen. The legs were temporarily plastered after an MRI last night. Antibiotics have started. If the swelling of the feet is reduced, plaster may be applied today. Mamata Banerjee’s right shoulder and elbow were injured. There are also neck injuries. The Chief Minister was given pain-killers at night. According to hospital sources, although the ECG report was satisfactory, the Chief Minister informed the doctors about chest pain and shortness of breath. A CT scan will be done to find out if the cause of the chest pain is traumatic. Besides, ECG will be done again today. Echo can also be done.

Multiple routine blood tests will be done. The doctors have decided to keep the Chief Minister under observation for 48 to 72 hours. Today, the doctors of the medical board will examine her again. A nine-member team has been formed for the treatment of the Chief Minister. In addition to SSKM chief Manimoy Banerjee, the medical board has three department heads and five other experts. Specialists in Orthopedic, Neuro Surgery, Neuro Medicine, General Surgery, Cardiology, Endocrinology, General Medicine and Anesthesia have been hired.

Mithun’s Trend to Lean on Major Political Parties


Mithun Chakroborty, a noted name to the people of Bengal. Bengalis honour him as an actor, kind-hearted and cooperative-minded man. No doubt, he was the son of soil, Bengal. He was born and brought up in Hatibagan, Calcutta in a middle class family.

In his student’s life, he was allured in Naxal politics and thereafter left Mumbai to be settled. There is no suspicion he had to confront a lot of struggle to come in this stature, but his joining in B.J.P has degraded him. Almost people are saying and newspaper of yesterday’s headline is Naxalite to B.J.P. In his life time, he indulged himself in Naxal, C.P.M, then Congress to T.M.C. At last but not least, he joined B.J.P yesterday in the political podium of Brigade parade ground in the presence of P.M, Modi.

Though common people, politicians and reporters are criticizing his decisions and saying he himself has made hoax before the people in ensuing assembly election. As per reporters, Mithun Chakroborty has a trend to press himself to the new political party who has a probability to come in power. He has been seen in yesterday’s newspaper talking with Jyoti Basu and Subhas Chakroborty of C.P.I.M and walked in the road rally as an intellectual on behalf of C.P.I.M when people of Bengal were seething in anger against C.P.I.M of their brutal killings in Nandigram. Thereafter, he got access to T.M.C and made a tumultuous tour with acting C.M, Mamata Banerjee in 1916’s Assembly Election. Thereafter, he got Rajya Sabha seat, but left after two years. Before that, he was seen to stand beside sagacious, finance, defense, external affair’s minister and former president, Pranab Mukherjee’s election campaign.

He was reticient after giving resignation from Rajya Sabha. But to its prior, R.S.S C.E.O, Mohan Bhagavat went to meet him and minioned him to attend in Brigade Maiden in Calcutta. He did so like a loyal cader yesterday.

Mamata Proclaimed to be reviled with Jay Sree Ram greet despite being recited Islamic Prayer


A major and dubious incident have taken place against the augustus Cheif Minister of West Bengal, Ms. Mamata Banerjee of reciting Islamic prayer before masjids and other Muslim’s conflagrations. Members of different political groups raise persuasive questions against Mamata for being cantankerous and asperse others for greeting the name of Lord Sree Ram.

According to Ms. Banerjee, she firmly believes that she herself and her political party is being obscened and humorously insulted by the people who she calls as outsiders. In Hinduism, we Hindus worship and adore our righteous God, Sree Ram. Even the robust God Hanuman was the menial of Him. There Mamata thinks that she is colloquied by the natives of West Bengal. The example of this sentence was espied and substantiated by etching everyone’s eye on the grandiloquent birth anniversary of martyr Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose by refusing to deliver speech when she was called on podium infront of lectern. The illegitimate reason of which was the passing of slogan ‘Jay Sree Ram’ which refrained Mamata to utter a lone word.

She only takes care of herself and value and dignity of her political party. By keeping dumb on that auspicious day, she protected her self-respect from being plundered, because of her haughtiness and tenacity, she discomfitured the heroic warrior. However, she might not show her apoplexy and antagonism towards the common people of Bengal and augment her anger being incentivized against the opposite politicians and their political groups.

People are taking the Corona virus laxly


Incipient of pandemic covid-19 was in one of the busiest cities of China, Wuhan. China first sent message to W.H.O’s executive about this pandemic virus, it was initially guessed that it might have been from the skin of beast. Hence, W.H.O made the world alert about this virus. Cosmopolitan people know well how much harm pandemic did through out the world. Gradually, from the end of the previous year, the trend of virus started palliating bit by bit for the consciousness of the people and application of medicine.

The vaccine of covid was started researching in laboratories by the scientists and many provinces in the world promulgated that their vaccine can prevent this pandemic virus. Eftsoons these people started to think their existence newly. Already, many countries have applied covid vaccine to the people who fought against this virus standing before the affected people and nurse and treated them. These front liners have been inoculated on priority basis. But what we are seeing now a days in printing newspaper and electronic media about the scrupulosity of people against the virus.

People dare to wend out of their domiciles without taking precautions. Some people are seen to attend wedding ceremonies and congregranian meetings without wearing masks and keeping their body bare in many parts which they covered when there was abysmal outbreak of virus. This contagious and air borne disease can mute few days after strength already erupted in many European and American countries and England is affected by Strain. Already it had bereaved many lives. In India, Strain has been probed in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra.

This virus may increase by its rage if we give continuous laxity to deploy this viral infection. Most indians are seen being encouraged after collating information of preventing medicine, i.e., covid virus and this innocent but callous people are taking part in all kinds of gatherings or travelling in buses and trains without covering their mouth, arms, and head. They have started leading their life as before. They are not adrad that this pandemic virus may turn and take perilous form. So it’s high time to restrain our life leading which most of the indians are doing and their capriced decision may make the situation arrant in near future.

Vaccination in the state may arrive 12th Jan, negotiation between Modi and Mamata


The corona vaccine may reach the state today, tuesday. The possibility of inoculating is getting rigid. Vaccination has been scheduled to distribute from january 18 across the country. Before that, the vaccine will reach all the districts of the state. On Monday, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, held a virtual meeting with the chief ministers of all the states. West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, was also present at the virtual meeting.

According to the health ministry department, the corona vaccine will first arrive at the Central Medical Store in Bagbazar from Kolkata Airport. There it will be stored at a certain temperature. The corona vaccine will then reach state hospitals in accordance with restrictions. About six lakh people in the state, including doctors, nurses and other health workers, involved in health services. Two doses ought to be given for each. As a result, 12 lakh doses are required. In addition, corona fighters, including police, fire fighters, and home guards will be inoculated first. It has not been discerned that how many vials of vaccine will have reached in province. However, necessary steps have been taken by the state health department. Vaccination audits have already been conducted in three hospitals in all the districts. Twenty-five health workers were vaccinated in accordance with the rules. This process was not complicated. After the first dose, the second dose will be given. Some information about those who will be vaccinated through a special software app will be recorded. When he will be vaccinated again later, he will receive an SMS.

According to Modi’s tongue through a virtual meet on monday, he was satisfied with the way the Center and the state had worked together to tackle covid. The decision was made very quickly. As a result, covid had not spread in India in the same way as it had had spread in other parts of the world and he also added with ebulliency addressing the nation that two vaccines had already been concessed. Four more vaccines can get concession expeditiously.

Modi avouched that public health workers in the public and private sectors will be the first to be vaccinated. After that, other first-line Corona fighters, including sweepers, local health management and policemen, will be vaccinated. In the second phase, fifty upper castes will be given opportunity to inoculate vaccine. Those with less than fifty co-morbidities will also be vaccinated in the second phase.

Appalling fire in government hospital, 10 new-borns burnt


A fire flared up at a government hospital in Maharashtra’s Bhandara district. At least 10 newborns have had turned dead in the devastating fire. The fire broke out at the hospital around 2 p.m on friday night. The district hospital’s civil surgeon, Promod Kanda, told with angst to ANI that there were sixteen new-borns in the hospital’s children’s ward. Six of them have been rescued alive.

The staff at the bhandara district hospital managed to rescue seven of the seventeen babies in the ward, using ladders. The cause of the fire was suspected to be a short-circuit or a malfunctioning air-conditioning unit. According to the state health minister, Rajesh Tope, three of the ten infants have had died of burn injuries, while seven others succumbed to suffocation caused by smoke. The deceased infants were eight girls and ten boys aged between one month and three months.

Unbearable pain was etched in the eyes of the parents of the deceased children as they grappled with the calamity. The condition of parents were unrestrained and were sobbing in torment. The scale and nature of the incident left the people of this east Maharashtra city shaken and condolences poured in from various sections of society.

‘Bird flu’ is raising concerns in the country, how deadly is this disease?


In the midst of Corona pandemic, there is a new threat in the country. Bird flu has started again. The situation in Rajasthan is increasingly worrying. The Center has also warned other states about bird flu. Bird flu can be so deadly that it can kill people.

Bird flu is an influenza-like disease. The disease is caused by the avian influenza virus. The virus is usually transmitted through birds. The disease also spreads rapidly as birds migrate easily from one place to another. This bird flu is contagious. After infection with this virus, the patient’s body initially shows signs of fever. Symptoms include fever, body aches, chills, sneezing, coughing, pate aches, muscle aches, chundering, and dyspepsia. In many cases, these symptoms are very common. There is chances of fatality. Encephalitis, heart infection, myositis contain antibacterial drugs for bird flu.

Bird flu can spread from person to person through direct contact with an infected person. Infected bird eggs or meat can cause bird flu if not cooked properly. It is a contagious viral disease. In the case of bird flu diagnosis, the virus can be detected by looking at the antibodies to the virus in the blood using PCR. Ducks or chickens or other birds should not be caught or moved. Sick ducks, chickens or other birds should be kept away from children. News of the H5N1 virus first surfaced in 1998.

2 million free cataract surgery; Glasses for free, ‘Eye Light Project’ Launches Mamata


The state government’s new project ‘Choker Alo’ is being launched to tranquil the people of the state from eye problems. According to Mamata Banerjee’s promulgation on monday, this program will be launched before the Gangasagar fair. Will continue for the next 5 years.

The preconception of the project will be cataract surgery in the elderly patients. In addition to treating the eyes and preventing blindness from infant to juvenile to centenarians. Cataract surgery will be performed on 2 million people in the state completely free of cost in the next 5 years. They will also be given free glasses. A total of 6 lakh 25 thousand glasses will be provided in the state. There will be free eye tests for school-going children in the state. They will be given free glasses if needed. A total of 4 lakh alumni will get free spectacles. Even the mentees who come to the Anganwari Center will have their eyes checked. More than 300 surgeons and 400 technicians will be involved in this immense event.

Mamata Banerjee said that the project would start from tuesday in 1,200 panchayats in the state and 120 primary health centres in the city. Later, all the gram panchayats and cities will be brought under it. Their goal is ‘Eye Health for All‘ by 2025. In addition to eye treatment in the state, Mamata Banerjee started a trauma care unit at North Bengal Medical College on the same day. The people of North Bengal will get the benefit of this trauma care unit. Mamata said such a trauma care unit was set up at PG at a cost of Rs 100 crore. North Bengal Medical College to build this unit cost 10 crore. It has 20 beds and two operating theaters. There are opportunities for orthopedic and neuro surgery. A recovery room with 10 beds has also been made.

New corona virus found; 10 times more terrible and contagious than before! Claim scientists


The number of corona cases worldwide has already exceeded 21.6 million. The virus has so far killed 8 lakh 83 thousand 95 people. In India too, the situation is becoming increasingly worrying. Every day 55-60 thousand people are being newly infected in Corona. In this situation, the Malaysian scientists increased the concern 10 times more. Because they have discovered a new type of corona virus that is at least 10 times more contagious and dangerous than the current one.

It is learned that 45 people have recently been infected with corona virus after coming in contact with the owner of an Indian restaurant there. Malaysian scientists have noticed the presence of a new type of corona virus in the bodies of 3 out of 45 people. Nur Hisham Abdullah, Malaysia’s health chief, said scientists had noticed some changes in the character of the corona virus, raising new doubts about the effectiveness of the discovery of the antidote or its effect on the virus. Scientists have named this new corona virus, D614G. They claim that this new strain of the virus is at least 10 times more contagious and dangerous than the type of corona virus currently found.

Modi’s surprise, suddenly reached the Gurudwara, bowed his head and prayed


Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, appeared at the Gurudwara in Delhi on Sunday morning with some surprise. On the day of martyrdom, he paid homage to the Sikh guru Teg Bahadur. The Prime Minister also took selfies with the pilgrims present there. On that day, the Prime Minister went to the Gurudwara, but did not see any special security. The anagona of the masses was not controlled.

Farmers protest in the capital border. Farmers from Punjab and Haryana took part in the protests. In the midst of the movement, farmers are also celebrating Martyrs’ Day on the Delhi border. The Prime Minister’s visit to the Gurudwara was seen as significant enough in the midst of the ongoing farmers’ protests on the Delhi border. Protesters claim that thirty-three farmers have already died in the movement to repeal the agricultural law. Martyr’s Day is being observed by remembering their self-sacrifice. Seeing this, the Congress M.P, Ravneet Bittu jabbingly exclaimed, “No matter how many religious texts a man reads, it is all a squander unless he thinks about the welfare of humanity!” He infuriately questioned that to whom Modi was trying to imbecile by a controvertible visit to the Gurudwara. Instead, he should have gone to the farmers and apologize. According to him, who does God reside in? People have been forced to sit on the roads.

Swasthya Sathi is now for everyone, free treatment in hospitals across the country


The state government has introduced the ‘Swasthya Sathi’ project to bring the government project to the doorsteps of the people before the Assembly vote. If the government is covered by this health insurance, free treatment will be available at any government hospital in the state and outside the state. This facility will be available in more than 1500 hospitals across the country.

Not everyone gets the benefit of a Swasthya Sathi before. This health insurance covers the medical expenses up to five lakh rupees. But recently the state government has taken up a project to bring every citizen of the state under this insurance. So Swasthya Sathi service is now for everyone. The government’s ‘Government at the Door’ program has started from December 1st. Going to that government camp, a ‘Swasthya Sathi’ card is going to be made for oneself and one’s family.

According to the announcement of C.M of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, every family in West Bengal, every person, be it a child or an old man or woman, irrespective of their religious affinity will be covered under this scheme. Every family will be provided with one smart card to avail the benefits of the scheme. This ‘Swasthya Sathi’ health scheme is well known in the world just like ‘Kanyashree’ Scheme. These cards will be issued for women. The head of the family or the guardian who is a woman will have a card issued in her name. She can get Rs.5 lakh benefit for any health-related issue. This will empower women. They know how to run the family and manage finances.

Kejriwal Tears Copies of Centre’s Farm Laws


Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal, on thursday, tore copies of the centre’s farm laws in the Delhi Assembly while debating a resolution against the farm laws in assembly. The Chief Minister said that he cannot infidel the country’s farmers. He urged the Centre not to become worse than Britishers and appealed the government that it should countermand these laws.

He is tormented that he has to do this. He did not intend to, but he cannot betray the farmers of his country who have been sleeping on the streets in the cold when the temperature is just two degrees Celsius. Kejriwal further said that twenty protesting farmers have died so far and asked the Centre when it will wake up. “More than twenty farmers have died during twenty days of protest. On average, one farmer is getting martyred daily in this movement,” he said. In 1907, a farmers’ protest had continued for nine months till the British rulers repealed some law.


No more waiting, the vaccine in India in the next few weeks


The light of liberation from corona. The wait for the vaccine is about to end and in a few weeks it will be in India too. The corona antidote will be available at the beginning of the new year, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, expressed such hope. The Prime Minister made the remarks at an all-party meeting chaired by the Prime Minister on Friday. “Vaccination will start as soon as the scientists get clearance,” Modi told the virtual meeting. The Soviet country was the first ones to successfully register a COVID vaccine, in the month of august.

At present, eight vaccines are being developed in the country. Patients and health workers will get priority for giving antidote. It will be given to the Corona fighters first After that, the country’s elders will be on the priority list for vaccines. The center has formed a task force. At the same time, the Prime Minister said that the centre will use special software for the distribution of vaccines. The central government will talk to the states about the price of the vaccine. The centre and the state will decide on the price of the antidote, at the same time, the Prime Minister will also hold talks with the Chief Minister and political parties in the state.

The Prime Minister mentioned the National Expert Team for planning and work on the vaccine distribution process. Work will be in accordance with their recommendations. Modi is also worried about rumors about vaccine. According to him, there are a lot of rumors about vaccinations. He advised not to listen to rumours during vaccination. Only a political party can save people from rumors. Prime Minister, Modi said, “The whole world is watching India with the vaccine.” At the moment, work is in full swing on eight antidotes in the country. There are three antidotes ahead of it. On monday, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi went to inspect the work on the drugs.

All the arrangements for vaccination are almost ready, the distribution will start as soon as the scientists get the green signal, said Narendra Modi.

Cessation of Assaulting Rape in India


Today, India has reached to crescendo from which it is inconceivable to avale. India in the recent past witnessed the emergence of a ‘paradoxical consensus’ over women’s issues in the public sphere. The consensus is in terms of recognizing the social rights of women and the necessity for making surrounding structures like; un-safe cities and inflexible working conditions. This consensus got manifested in many different and unique ways, like; enhanced patrolling on streets and launching a 24×7 helpline for women. Even after these, small girls, women, even widows are not left from being molested and assaulted treacherously.

But this consensus is marred by a dual jeopardy. It’s inconsistent with worsening gender realities of India. Even after changes in the fabric of society, the crimes against women have not palliated. It doesn’t recognize the layered nature of gender reality. Processions against criminal offences or candle-light mourning can definitely deploy awareness, but the question remains that will these make any dent in society in the long run. Therefore it signifies that not only to critique the reasons is responsible for prevalent rape cultures, but to analyze and explain the life of the rape victims after such voracious incidents give a great prior also.

Denarian girls and young women are tortured and black-mailed day after day for closure with unwanted intercourse. Gang rape now a days has become a prime offence. The government of India has constituted several firm laws with stern shaft. According to the IPC Section of India, under 1860, rape has been considered to be an miscreancy. Raper must be punished under section 376, 376AB, 376D, 376DA, 376DB for which raper shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment for either description for a term which shall not be less than 7 years, but which may extend to imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine, besides for raping in gang, the rapers shall be imprisoned for not less than 20 years for penetrating his penis, to any extent, into the vagina, mouth, urethra or anus of a woman or juvenile girl or makes her to do so with him or any other person.

Survivors of rape are more likely to attempt or commit suicide. The association remains, even after controlling for sex, age, education, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and the presence of psychiatric disorders. They experience of being raped can lead to suicidal behavior as early as adolescence. They also feel embarrassed to talk about what had happened to them. Rape is especially stigmatizing in cultures with strong customs and taboos regarding sex and sexuality. Many online helpline websites have been designed for women especially juveniles and widows in distress like; Shakti Shalini; Jagori; Sakshi; Nirmal Niketan and many more. Not only these but many films have been casted to deploy awareness against miscreancy like; rape also.

Widespread and systematic rape (e.g., war rape) and (sexual enthrallment) can occur during international crusade. These practices are offences against humanity and war crimes. Rape is also recognized as an element of the crime of genocide when committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a targeted ethnic group.

Protest on the Implementation of Farm-Bill and Law


Responding to the Centre’s request. Part of the agitating farmers will join the meeting called by the central government. However, the protesters are still demanding the repeal of the law. The Union Agriculture Minister sent a letter to 32 farmers’ organizations in Punjab proposing an unconditional meeting. The meeting should call all the farmers’ organizations of the country, the Punjab Kisan Sangharsh Committee demanded in response to the letter from the central.

A few members of the Union Cabinet met at JP Nadda’s house around 10.30 am before talking to the farmers’ organizations. Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh were present. Apart from the Agriculture Minister, Union Ministers Piyush Goel and Som Prakash will also be present at the meeting with the farmers. For the past few days, farmers have been protesting at the Singhu and Tikri border in Delhi-Haryana in protest of the Central Agriculture Act. Two borders have been closed for fear of unrest. Traffic has been controlled. The whole area has been cordoned off under tight security. Lots of police have been deployed.

Political parties have not kept their promises to the farmers. There, the new law will meet many of the old demands of the farmers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the Mann Ki Baat event. On the same day, the Prime Minister said, “Political parties have not kept their promises to the farmers.” We have given rights to the farmers. They have started to benefit from this. The new law will meet many old demands of the farmers.

According to the Prime Minister, ‘Foreigners have come to the country attracted by India’s cultural heritage. Many have come and stayed here. People like Jonas are teaching Vedanta to the people of the country. The countrymen are getting benefit from Vedanta education in the arduous period of Corona.’ Opponents do not want the freedom of the peasants. Farmers are being insulted by burning agricultural equipment. The prime minister is the target of the opposition. The agriculture bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha last week amidst a commotion. The agriculture bill passed on Sunday and was signed into law by the President. Several states, including Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana, protested against the new law, claiming it was anti-farmer. The Punjab Chief Minister has staged a dharna in Bhagat Singh’s village in protest of the Agriculture Act.

Encumbrance on the Vicious Act of Slaughtering Animals


India is a country where all offences are not punished. The law of this country does not give importance to all matters. Say to say, here is no such power in law for offences. Therefore, even if the perpetrator commits whatever crime he/she pleases, he/she survives and is freed from being punished by the law.

This way, Slaughtering of honest animals has become the gravest and heinous problem of India. People of different castes are sacrificing hundreds and millions of innocent animals for the sake of their religion and place them at the feet of deities. It is hand-written in which religious book that Dharma, the god is asking for the lives of His/Her children. Not only that, dishonest people slaughter the lives of animals to fill their stomachs. It is our diabolical and sadistic deeds which have plunged we, the barbarous and flagitious people into the hell of the hands of the deity of death.

Animals are also killed when they are exploited for other purposes such as the production of dairy products and eggs. Younger cows and chikens produce more milk and eggs, and dairy cows and egg-laying hens are killed when exploiting them is less profitable than breeding new animals and exploiting them instead. In slaughter-houses, animals also experience fear and dreadful pain before they die. Some of the torments like; Percussive stunning: The animals are hit with a wooden or plastic club so they lose consciousness. Electrical stunning: This method is used with big fishes. Fishes are stabbed with a harpoon that has an electrical connection.

Un-wanted animals are therefore slaughtered, beaten to death, burn alive in boiling hot water to slit and gash their skin from body, or cut throats to allow stiff and quick excruciating death.

Government protested and implemented a firm law according to the Constitution of India of 1950, under which hitting or hurting any animal is illegal under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. Killing, poisoning, maiming or torturing an animal is a cognizable offence under Section 428 and Section 429 of the Indian Penal Code of 1860. The punishment for such an act is rigorous imprisonment which may extend for up to 2 years or a fine or both.

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